One shelf. Infinite possibillities.

After years of research and development, we are proud to announce our very first product: The Twentyfour Shelf.

We wanted you, as the end-user, to take part in the design, and have therefore created a 3-piece shelf system.

These 3 unique pieces will let you custom-made your very own shelf, no matter your needs and desires.

Durable, beautiful.

Both the horizontal and the vertical shelf plate are made with solid and durable plywood, with the horizontal one being sandwiched by a high pressure laminate (HPL)

The delicious combination of the natural texture in the plywood and the white laminate is timelessly stylish.

The overall impression is scandinavian minimalism in a nutshell, with its clean lines and muted colors.

The Twentyfour Shelf

Here's the pieces. Be creative!

Made in Norway

To minimize our carbon footprint and ensure quality in all aspects, we decided to stay local. The production takes place in the middle of Norway.

We are proud to be able to announce that we are a part of "Trefadder", which is a verified carbon capture foundation. That makes us fully CO2-neutral!